The name of the office - “Fleshy smile” - is aimed to recall the goal of our doctors which is providing customers with beautiful and healthy dentition throughout their whole life. Moreover, beautiful and healthy smile is a guarantee of aesthetics, wellness and great frame of mind. All of our services are directed at fulfilling duties at our best.

Our advantages

What distinguish us the most is a friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices. Treatments are performed with the help of professional instruments under convenient and painless circumstances while maintaining hygienic standards. Our dentists regularly take part in specialist workshops that master their skills at dentistry.

Scope of advantages

  • Preventive treatments: step-by-step oral hygiene, removement of calculus and deposits, sandblasting, fluoridation, sealants
  • Conservative and aesthetic dentistry: caries dentistry, high-class light-cured cavity treatment, fibreglass teeth restoring, composite and porcelain veneers
  • Dental surgery: removement of roots, retained teeth, wisdom teeth and cysts
  • Teeth whitening
  • Endodotics: root canal treatment with the modern-class "Endopilot" device
  • Children treatment
  • Dental prosthetics: restoring of teeth missings with the help of permanent replacements : cores, post-and-cores, bridges as well as movable inlays : complete or partial dentures
  • Periodontics : diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases
  • X-rays


The office is equipped with high-tech instruments that ensure an absolute security of treatments:

  • modern and ergonomic unit provided with latest swiss led-light endings
  • finnish x-ray PLANMECA device emitting minimal radiation dose possible
  • lately released ENDOPILOT device enabling mechanical developing of root canals
  • an autoclave provided with automatic programmes for sterilization process complying with sanitary-epidemiological restrictions

Office hours

Doctors are available from monday to friday, following the below schedule:


Price list of services

Promotional prices of our services

Conservative dentistry

serviceprice (PLN)
Light-cured restoration 
Teeth restoring140-160
Teeth restoring with fibreglass250-300
Restoration of milk teeth80
Tooth sealing50
Calculus extraction130
Calculus extraction + sandblasting180
Teeth whitening (2 bows) + syringe600

Endodontics treatment

serviceprice (PLN)
Final fulfillment 
Temporary canal treatment80-100


serviceprice (PLN)
Complete denture600
Partial acrylic denture550
Etruscan (1-2 teeth)300
Skeletal denture1400
Porcelain core on metal 600
Post-and-core (basic)300
Post-and-core (foldable)350
Porcelain veener 1200
Full-ceramic core1000
Bridge (point)600
Zirconium crown1000
Acetale denture1500
Dental splint450
Cementing prosthetics (done in different dentistry)100

Dental surgery (prices include anesthetic)

serviceprice (PLN)
Tooth extraction100-150
Detained tooth extraction200-350
Plasticity of oral-antral canal100
Extraction of gingival hood100
Resection of root’s top250-300
Revision of alveoral appendix100
Extraction of small changes within the mouth100 + medical survey 30
Plasticity of mucous membrane (before prosthetic treatment)150
Bridle undercut100


serviceprice (PLN)
Implantology consultation with an X-ray0
Insertion of titanium implant (cost of implant included)1800
Insertion of healing screw200
Insertion of implant titanium abutment500
Ceramic crown on metal550
Point in a bridge on implants550
Ceramic crown on zirconium900
Zirconium crown on implant1100
Point in a bridge - ceramic on zirconium900
Control visit + stiches removement0
Regeneration of appendix bone with biomaterial1000-1500

Dentist’s advice

Stosuj się do poniższych rad jeśli zależy Ci na zdrowiu twoich zębów

Knowledge base for the scope of dentistry Baza wiedzy z zakresu stomatologii - kanał RSS

Information on the subject of dentistry


All-poland dental centres action

Free dental check visits are done since 16th of June 2014.
Free dental advices on proper oral hygien would be given as well.
Mobile dental centres will be available in September. Click here for more details

Outcomes of april’s endomondo competition

The prize was handed to the winner of april’s competition - Bartek Skrzypek.
His monthly distance was noted at the score of 365 km.

Endomondo april’s 2014 competition - walking, running, nordic walking

We invite you to join us! Register your scores while walking or running and get 200 PLN award!


Dental assistant job offer

We are looking for dental assistant. If interested, send your CV via biuro@stomatolog-retkinia.com.pl

Photo gallery

A few photos of our dental office A few photos of our dental office

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