Combined dentures (overdenture)


We make non-clamp dentures when the location of the brackets significantly reduces the aesthetics of the restoration. We are looking for other solutions.

On the abutment teeth on which we want to base the prosthesis, we prepare porcelain crowns. On their back surface the technician places the so-called dies for the precision element (alternatives to the clamp), i.e. the element of the latch bolt. Patryce for them are fixed in the designed skeletal denture. Such a prosthesis not only holds up better, the lack of visible clamps also improves the aesthetics of a smile.

To this type there are also included so-called “overdentures”, i.e. overlays, where the matrix are attachments fixed on the roots left in the mouth.

Skeletal dentures can also be based on the so-called crowns telescopic (constructed of two parts), where the matrix, internal part is a crown on the own tooth made of metal, and the upper part - a matching patric designed in the prosthesis.


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