Treatment of enamel hypoplasia

Conservative and aesthetic dentistry

Hypoplasia of tooth tissues is the result of disorders that occur at the stage of bud formation.

If during the development of the tooth unfavorable factors occur which destroy the established order of so-called “odontogenesis”, enamel or dentin micro or macro damage occurs.

They are visible as clouding of the tooth, patches on its surface (often occur symmetrically), or hypoplasia - a loss of non-carious origin. It can be in the form of a depression, groove or sometimes lack of enamel over a large area.

The treatment of enamel hypoplasia depends on its extent and depth. In the case of changes not related to tissue loss, we observe the tooth and possibly periodically cover the stain with fluoride varnish so that the less mineralized tissue does not undergo caries.

If the change is larger, then after delicate preparation, we rebuild the tooth with an aesthetic composite material, fully restoring its proper appearance and function.


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