Conservative and aesthetic dentistry

If the tooth is significantly damaged due to caries, or is weakened by root canal treatment, simple applying of a composite filling may not guarantee that the thin walls of the tooth will not break within a short time.

If a part of the wall has been preserved in the treated tooth, to restore its original, beautiful shape and height, we make the so-called endocrown, i.e. supplementing the missing part of the tooth indirectly.

After proper preparation of the walls, we make an impression in the office, and the technician based on it creates a supplement of a special, very durable and bite-resistant material. The endocorona in the mouth is cemented in an adhesive manner with special cement.

Such a tooth is not only aesthetic, but also has perfectly reproduced contact points, which if difficult if we do only the usual filling. Due to the fact that the endocrown is made of durable and hard material, the tooth can easily withstand the high pressures it is subjected to in everyday use.


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