Diast closing (gaps between teeth)

Conservative and aesthetic dentistry

Diastema, or gaps between teeth, can add a lot of charm, but sometimes they are not desirable.

They can be removed in several ways. The first option is to make ceramic veneers, i.e. porcelain flakes glued to the previously prepared front surface of the teeth. Veneers are made by a dental technician in a laboratory based on teeth impressions which have been previously made by the dentist. Their color can be matched to the color of other teeth, so that the effect matches patient's expectations. At the same time, they are shaped so that when they close, they close the diastema.

The second option is to apply the composite material in such a way that slightly widening the width of adjacent teeth, eliminate the gap between them. Also in this case patient can choose the perfect color of the material. This method involves only a small preparation of the tooth surface, just enough to make the restoration permanent.


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