Treatment of dentine hypersensitivity

Conservative and aesthetic dentistry

Knowing the causes of dentin hypersensitivity, you can protect yourself from it by avoiding the intake of food and liquids at extreme temperatures in short intervals and eliminating harmful habits.

It is also crucial to master the correct method of brushing your teeth so that you do not press the brush too much in the gingival area, thus not rubbing the enamel.

If hypersensitivity has already occurred, it can be eliminated.

With very small damage, it is sometimes enough to use a paste dedicated for it. For larger ones, it's good to visit a dentist's office. Here, we use specialized means to cover our teeth. Their function is to close the dentinal tubules, and thus to cut off the pain conduction.

If the area of damaged enamel is large, then such a defect is developed and filled with composite material.


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