Loose teeth splinting


The loosening of teeth does not condemn us to their loss. Thanks to the usage of fiberglass tape, they can be sewn, which means that they are permanently locked together and this immediately eliminates their mobility.

Splinting of teeth is a very aesthetic solution, because the fiberglass tape is glued to the teeth from the back, so only the owner knows about its presence. The rail is practically imperceptible in the mouth, because it is flat.

Teeth are prepared very sparingly, making only a shallow groove in which the rail is glued. This solution allows you to keep your teeth for many years, even with advanced periodontitis, and thus protects the patient against prosthesis or the need for implantation.

The condition for placing the splint is to thoroughly clean the teeth from stone, sanation, i.e. to cure gums from inflammation and change the patient's hygiene habits. Patient receives thorough oral hygiene instruction and is motivated to more frequent follow-up visits, including hygienization.


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