Acrylic dentures


Acrylic dentures are the most economical way to fill in missing teeth. They belong to the so-called “movable restorations”, i.e. those whose use is associated with the need to clean them outside the mouth.

They are made entirely of acrylic, so acrylic is not only teeth but also a denture plate. With the help of acrylic dentures, we can fill the gaps both with total and partial toothlessness. In the second case, the prosthesis is held in place with clamps located on the abutment teeth.

In both situations, the acrylic denture is held by suction to the mucosa, which is possible due to the very exact fit and, unfortunately, also the increased reach of the denture plate.

The advantages of acrylic dentures include their low cost, the ability to reproduce the full arch even with extensive deficiencies or with complete lack of dentition, as well as the possibility of obtaining the correct occlusion height, which immediately rejuvenates facial features.

On the other hand, they have negative effect on the mucosa, the extent of the prosthesis plate, and therefore the patients' longer adaptation to this type of restoration.


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