Prosthetic bridges


The bridge is a permanent prosthetic supplement, which is a very good and aesthetic way to fill in the interdental gaps.

The lack of a tooth or teeth is not only a cosmetic problem, but also a health problem. The remaining teeth are exposed to higher loads, which may result in their earlier loss of them. A long-lasting gap in the smile is also associated with the protrusion of opposing teeth.

The prosthetic bridge consists of several parts: pillar crowns fixed on teeth adjacent to the gap and a span - one or several artificial, deceptively similar to your own teeth, locked with the pillars. Teeth in the span "hang" over the gum, almost touching it, allowing for good hygiene.

Pillar teeth are prepared in the same way as for crowns, by removing an enamel layer about 1.5 millimeters thick.

Today, the standard is to make bridges veneered with porcelain, which is fired on metal or zirconium dioxide. The hardness and strength of these materials guarantees a very high durability of this solution.

The bridge is cemented permanently with the help of special cement. From now on, it is an integral part of the teeth and ensures a fleshy smile.


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