AET Bridges


AET bridges are also adhesive bridges, glued with the help of special cements, without preparation or with a little preparation of abutment teeth. They are used when there is a single interdental gap and the gap is small.

This bridge consists of an artificial tooth and wings or catches, with the help of which the bridge is attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap.

Depending on the situation, the abutments are cast in the shape of developed carious defects in the abutment teeth, it is also possible to glue the bridge wings after roughening the internal surfaces of the teeth. The foundation for the AET bridge can be metal or fiberglass.

The disadvantage of this solution is its relatively low strength, so we usually use them temporarily, before making a traditional bridge or during implantation.

Contraindications are gnashing and habitual clenching of teeth and small vertical dimension of crowns of abutment teeth.


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