Crown and roots inserts


The root-crown insert is a stud that strengthens the tooth root. It consists of the root and supragingival part of the crown. It is usually a scaffold for the prosthetic crown in the event that the supragingival part of the tooth has been damaged due to injury or caries. Thanks to the insert, the tooth is durable and can perform its function for years.

We have several types of inlays: the most common ones are inlays from a very hard, hypoallergenic chromium-cobalt alloy. After proper preparation of the properly filled root endodontically, the doctor makes an impression with impression mass, and on its basis the technician casts the contribution. After cementing it at the dentist, the next step is to make a prosthetic crown, which is glued to the supragingival part of the insert.

Zirconia cartridges are a more modern solution. Zirconia is a very durable type of ceramics that is used as an alternative to metal, also as a foundation for porcelain crowns or bridges.

Another type of inserts, more economical, are standard, and therefore ready-made fiberglass inserts, or standard metal inserts.


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