Removable braces


The principle of orthodontic braces is a constant and low pressure on the teeth or dental arches so as to cause them to move in a controlled manner.

Removable braces is a type of device that a patient can put on and take off themselves. It consists of an acrylic plate and steel wire retaining elements, i.e. clamps and a labial arch for correcting the front teeth. The source of forces exerted by mechanical removable braces are: screw (expands the dental arch), rubber lifts or springs (exerting pressure on the teeth). The apparatus can be one or two jaws, i.e. connecting both jaws simultaneously.

Functional devices, however, stimulate the proper function of the stomatognathic system and language through the forced, correct and desirable positioning of the upper and lower teeth.

Removable braces should be worn at night and for several hours during the day. They improve the mutual alignment of teeth with each other, expand the dental arches so that in the future permanent teeth will "fit" there.

The treatment can last for several years and a lot depends on the patience and discipline of the small patient, on the cooperation of parents with the orthodontist and compliance with follow-up visits during which the apparatus is corrected and the progress of treatment is assessed.


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