How to prevent malocclusions


Efforts to develop a child's bite correctly should be made as early as possible. Orthodontic defects may have their origin in utero, due to illness or medication taken during pregnancy.

Incorrect positioning of the baby during feeding and sucking the pacifier to calm the baby, may cause unbalanced development of the jaw bones and too much or too little muscle tension.

Decay of primary teeth and their premature loss is a common cause of misalignment of permanent teeth.

ENT diseases, e.g. hypertrophy of the third tonsil, causing abnormal breathing (mouth breathing) can cause open bite. Often, harmful habits, such as biting nails or pens, are the sources of short circuit faults.

It should be understood that the development of the stomatognathic system is a complex process. The child should be observed to see the dangers in time and preventive measures taken whenever possible.


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