Adaptation visits

Children’s treatment

We should get the child gradually used with the dental chair and the dentist. The first contact with the dentist’s office will be crucial for the young person's later perception of visits.

It is a big mistake to bring a child only when the tooth is damaged and hurts. Arrange a small meeting much earlier - an adaptation visit. The visit will be pleasant, and any subsequent need for treatment is easier to bear in a place that the child already knows and accepts.

During the adaptation visit, we show the child the office, the armchair, we familiarize ourselves with the operation of the blower, we show rollers and other accessories. We also always do some minor treatment - in addition to the review, also e.g. contact fluoridation or sealing, so that the child knows what our work is about.

If there is a need for tooth treatment, we try to do it during your next visit. Then, the child comes to a familiar place with a positive attitude.


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