Skeletal dentures


This is one of the best additions to so-called "movable ". It is made of a special, very light, durable, hypoallergenic chromium-cobalt alloy. The property of this material means that the structure is light and resistant to bending or breaking.

It consists of a very small palatal or sublingual connector (these are thin elements, they take up very little space in the mouth, making them virtually imperceptible), stabilization and retention elements (clamps) located on the abutment teeth (they hold the denture and prevent its movements during use) and saddles on which acrylic gums and teeth are mounted.

Skeletal denture, due to the strength of the structure, has so-called periodontal or physiological support. Chewing forces are transferred here to the teeth, not to the gums, so the denture is worn comfortably and the gums are not pressed. This fact, as well as the lightness and short range of supplementation, means that patients quickly and easily adapt to the "unknown element in the body", which is the prosthesis.


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