Oral hygiene instructions (how to improve it)

Periodontal diseases

Almost every patient, even those with abundant dental plaque, explains that they clean their teeth at least twice a day. So where is the problem then? Well, the precision matters. It is not enough to put brush onto your teeth for 30 seconds. You need to take your time while brushing teeth and spend at least a few minutes on this ritual.

There are several effective methods for brushing your teeth. The method used is selected depending on the patient's age and periodontal condition. In general, it can be said that teeth, as well as prosthetic restorations and dentures, should be cleaned so that after this operation they are smooth and slippery on all sides, also on the internal surfaces.

It is necessary to use dental floss, because it allows cleaning the interdental spaces - where the brush does not reach. It is also essential to remember to use rinsing liquids.

If we have prosthetic fillings, depending on their type, we choose appropriate instruments and cleaning agents for their cleaning. A dentist and dental hygienist will be happy to answer any questions and recommend patient about necessary equipment and how to use it to keep your teeth clean.


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