Lapisation (impregnation) of dentin

Children’s treatment

Lapisation, i.e. impregnation of dentin, is performed when, for various reasons, traditional tooth treatment is impossible. Very often, defects in milk teeth are located within the incisors and canines, occupying a significant area. Then, traditional teeth preparation is practically impossible.

Impregnation of dentin consists of covering the surface of a sick tooth with a special antibacterial preparation, and then with a precipitate. The usage of impregnation stops the carious process in the defect, allowing patient to keep the tooth.

The procedure should be repeated three times in three consecutive weeks, and then the volume of defects should be monitored every three months.

Impregnation of milk teeth is not a great way of treatment, but in many cases, when traditional methods fail, it allows the preservation of damaged "milk teeth".


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