Scaling - removal of tartar

Preventive treatments

Anyone of us may experience hygiene negligence and the consequence is dental plaque: dental plaque from which stones forms, as well as sediment. Limescale and plaque adhere very closely to the teeth and cannot be removed at home.

The only way to effectively get rid of deposits is to perform scaling, by which we mean: professional teeth cleaning with ultrasound. This procedure should be carried out at the dentist on average once per six months. In cases of greater tendency for teeth to build up stone, it can be removed even once per three months.

It is important not to allow the deposits to expand, because the oppressive and irritating gums lead to their inflammation (i.e: bleeding and soreness), and at a later stage to the disappearance of gums and bones around the teeth, which may result in their loosening and loss. This process is developing for many years, but to prevent periodontitis, it is necessary to take care of oral hygiene regularly.


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