Importance of milk teeth treatment

Children’s treatment

Many parents assume that milk teeth do not need to be treated, because after some time they are replaced permanently. This is the wrong approach. Milk teeth should be protected against tooth decay, and if cavities are already formed, they must be cured.

"Milk teeth" have an important function. They are the first teeth that allow a child to eat various foods comfortably. The presence of milk teeth allows the proper development of the bite, and also protects against incorrect positioning of later erupting permanent teeth. Sick teeth are the cause of focal inflammation and can cause abnormal development of the buds underneath.

It is also worth making sure that you save your child from the unpleasant experience of toothache and not very positive visits to the dentist when the defect is large... The more pleasant and shorter the visits in the first years of the child's life are, the more likely it will be to revisit the place in the future.


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