Periodontal disease treatment

Periodontal diseases

Periodontitis therapy is long-lasting and requires regularity and determination. Only close cooperation between the doctor and patient will allow for satisfying results.

Treatment of periodontitis can be divided into three stages:

Stage I: The preparatory phase

After diagnosing the disease, the patient receives a recommendation on how to perform oral hygiene. The hygienic procedures are also carried out in the office, including scaling, sandblasting and sometimes curettage.

Stage II: Treatment

At this stage, therapeutic procedures are performed at the dentist’s office. One of such procedures, bringing very good and immediate effects, is splinting of loose teeth. It involves connecting movable teeth with a special fiberglass tape. This causes their blocking and permanently immobilizes them. This treatment avoids losing teeth. You can read more about splinting in the chapter dedicated to glass fibers.

Stage III: Maintenance phase

This is the longest stage. Maintenance phase consists of maintaining the effects of treatment through the proper oral hygiene. The patient after all of procedures related to the subject, is obliged to periodic, regular controls and hygienization visits.


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