Denture - and what next?


The basic condition for the long-term and satisfying use of a prosthetic restoration is knowledge of the principles of how to take care of it, i.e. how to maintain perfect hygiene. This requires the patient to be aware that it will largely depend on them how long will this supplement last.

We take care of permanent restorations, i.e. expenditures, crowns and bridges, just like of our own teeth, so that secondary caries or gingivitis do not appear, as it may lead to tooth fracture or periodontitis.

We clean bridges very carefully, both pillar teeth and spans. The so-called single-beam brushes are extremely helpful and specially designed to clean the space under the bridge span or fiberglass rail.

We clean "removable" dentures at least twice a day, after removing them from the mouth. Special brushes are available for this purpose. We use a paste specially designed for cleaning dentures. We wash acetal dentures with mild cleaning agents so as not to damage them.

We use special tablets dissolved in water to disinfect dentures.

We must also remember to regularly remove tartar so that the abutment teeth and gums are in perfect condition.

Only meeting these conditions will help us to use the prosthetic restoration comfortably and for a long time.


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