Masticatory apparatus disorders - symptoms

Masticatory apparatus disorders

Masticatory apparatus disorders

Activity disorders can be named as masticatory apparatus disorders responsible for biting, swallowing and speaking. These are temporomandibular joints as well as masticatory apparatus muscles.

Dysfunction of any of apparatus’ elements can result in serious disorders, for instance: headaches, earaches, pain in temporomandibular joints, muscle pain, numbness and stiffness of rumen muscles, neuralgic pains and dizziness.

The symptom that can be easily noticed is pathological teeth friction, atrophy/overload of marginal periodontium or even prosthetic-crown cracking. Suffering patients are often reporting pain, cracks, crackles or dislocation of joints during mouth opening/closing, problems with wide-mouth opening and side-deviation of the jaw.

What is also characteristic, is cheek-biting or overgrowth of rumen muscles ("square-shaped face").

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