Fibreglass bridges


Thanks to the strength and flexibility of glass fibers, they can be used to make bridges, i.e. to restore a missing tooth.

Bridges are works cemented permanently to the patient's own teeth; so-called pillars, i.e. teeth adjacent to the gap on both sides. An artificial tooth is created between the pillars,which is confusingly similar to the own one. Only a small amount of teeth are prepared for the fiberglass bridge because it adhesives using very strong cement.

This solution is certainly cheaper than making an implant or a traditional bridge, but it has also some disadvantages. The main drawback is lower rigidity, and therefore the strength of the structure, which means that we propose this solution rather as a temporary one, e.g. until the implant is made.

A condition for performing such treatment is possession of a small gap, i.e. the lack of a single tooth.


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