Tooth restoration on fibreglass


Tooth after root canal treatment is usually weak and fragile (has thin walls), which in the future may end up with its fracture. To prevent this, it is essential to strengthen such tooth. One way to strengthen it is to embed a fiberglass inlay or inlays into the tooth's roots. The whole construction means that the forces which the tooth will face will not put pressure on its walls, but on a strong, resistant to breaking and flexible fiberglass insert.

The insert blends very well with the tooth root tissue. Thanks to the composite resin content, it works great with the composite cement we use.

If there are enough tooth walls left, then the insert can be supplemented with a composite material (also with fiberglass content) and an aesthetic composite for fillings which will allow to finish the treatment during one visit at the dentist’s office.

If the tooth completely lacks walls, then the insert can be made with a prosthetic indirect method, i.e. in the office we prepare an impression, and the technician forms the crown, for example: from the porcelain.


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