Implant construction



The subgingival part is a titanium implant placed permanently in the jaw or mandible bone. It is an artificial root which, after the necessary healing period, permanently joins the bone in the process of osseointegration. Thanks to this, it is stable as if it were the root of a tooth.

The titanium implant is connected to the supragingival part by means of a connector, which is screwed on one side and from above is the pillar for the supragingival part - the crown. The connector can be made of metal or zirconia. At our office we usually make individual connectors to ensure their best fit to the gum, which gives the most aesthetic effect, and the precision of work is the highest.

On the connector, a prosthetic crown is screwed or cemented, which is made of porcelain in an individually selected color. The foundation for porcelain is metal or zirconium dioxide. The crown is matched in shape and color to neighboring teeth so that the smile is harmonious.

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