Whitening of the dead teeth

Teeth whitening

One of the methods of teeth whitening is brightening the colour of single teeth that were under endodontics treatment. The ‘dead’ tooth has a habit to take the darker shadow in comparison to other ones.

In this case, the suggested way to undertake is prosthetics reconstruction is prosthetics reconstruction so that the composite/porcelain veneer or prosthetics crown are made in the exact colour as the neighbouring teeth which additionally strengthen the teeth.

However, it could be tried to brighten the colour by application of the special whitening overlay that is placed into the tooth cavity that has been previously under the endodontics treatment. The overlay is replaced every few days until an optimal effect is reached. If the patient is satisfied, the overlay is removed and the tooth is filled with composite material.

Nevertheless, it must be beared in mind that the effect of the application is not always a rewarding one because some of the discoloration are hard to remove after whitening process.

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