Planning of implant treatment



Installation of the implant or implants in the oral cavity is associated with considerable costs. Each procedure must be preceded by a thorough analysis and planning of treatment in order to achieve the best effect at the lowest possible cost.

The simplest situation to plan is the absence of a single tooth. Here the situation is clear, although it also always requires a thorough analysis of the prosthetic field, bone structure, root system of adjacent teeth and other anatomical structures, as well as the assessment of occlusal conditions.

A more complicated case is the lack of several teeth. Does each missing tooth necessarily have to be replaced by one implant? Well,no. In many cases, for instance, only two implants are mounted and a bridge is made to make up for the lack of more teeth. The cost of implementation is then significantly reduced.

In the case of toothlessness, for example, four implants, located in the right places, are enough to ensure stabilization of the prosthesis.

Each case is analyzed individually to optimize the extent of the procedure and costs.

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