Whitening with overlay method

Teeth whitening

Whitening with overlay method allows to get the brighter shade of our teeth in each arch. The dentistry office prepares a special, soft-material dental splint that is tailor-made - basing on the prior dental impression. After preparing the dental splint, our customer is handed with couple of syringes containing whitening fluid which is applied into splint before bedtime from 7-14 days.

During the whitening treatment, it is advised to avoid food with colouring properties.

The difference in teeth’ shade can be seen from 1-2 weeks time.

It has to be beared in mind that whitening treatment can be done only if teeth diseases are cured and calculus/plaque removed.

Before the treatment, our customers are informed that composite fillings and orthodontic dentures are whitening-resistant and should be replaced immediately after finishing the process.

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